Instagram Photo Contest!

Hello Instagrammers! We want to see what you think makes LA and/or NYC unique. :) We’re publishing a full-sized magazine to giveaway at the DEC 1 & 2 UNIQUE LA Holiday Show, and we’re also printing a directory/booklet for our NOV 17 & 18 UNIQUE NYC Show – and we’re going to feature the best pics that we get! So if you’ve always wanted 15 minutes of fame, or quite simply have really unique, beautiful photos of the City of Angels or the Big Apple that you’d love to share, send them our way.

To submit an Instagram photo for consideration, share it with us on Twitter using the hashtag #UniqueLA or #UniqueNYC by Wednesday, October 31st.


  • Jacquie Hernandez

    What if we don’t have a twitter account. Is there any other way we can submit our photos like on Facebook or tagging your instagram?

  • Blahmandy

    Wednesday is the 31st

  • Is there a limit to how many pictures we can submit?

  • Amy

    Can we tag our photos on Instagram or is it strictly on Twitter?

  • Molt

    Great idea!
    Is it okay to hash tag it in Instagram and not tweet it? Since it’s an Instagram contest? Thanks!

  • Marat Shaya

    Yes, you can still hash tag it in instagram but make sure to tag @uniqueusa

  • sonja

    WOW, you all ROCK! We’ve been getting the coolest photos of both LA and NYC… Keep it up! :)

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