Hole in One

We’ve been planning this for months and we finally did it! We went to Pie Hole. Yes, its only down the street from our office but for some reason it took weeks of planning to make this happen. Anyway, we decided to each get a pie and document our trip Instagram style!

Here’s what we got:

Sonja – Veggie Puff Pocket Pie

Aisha – Mac n Cheese Pie

Marat – Chicken Pot Pie

Having tried all three, I can easily say that the Mac n Cheese Pie was definitely the winner, but I can definitely recommend all of them.

The Pie Hole: 714 Traction Ave // Arts District // Los Angeles


  • Hah! I was totally there when you guys took that photo. How fun! Hope you loved your pie.

  • Marat Shaya

    Sweet! We definitely loved all the pies we got!

  • Alex

    I finally got down there a couple of months ago and have been back a couple of times – everything I’ve had was terrific!

  • Marat Shaya

    I can’t wait to go back and try the Thai Iced Tea pie. Sounds crazy delicious!

  • I’ve been there before (I have friends that live down the street), but I have only tried their sweet pies. I should try the savory ones next time I visit. :)

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