Thanks to KC (of MakeShopLive) I’ve got a great new product for you… I introduce the (switch to Super Hero voice) Cuppow! Made in the USA, the Cuppow¬†allows you to turn a canning jar into a travel mug/beverage container! The idea is so simple, it’s genius. Plus they’ve executed the design and packaging perfectly. I’ll be using mine all spring/summer to take homemade lemonade along in the car. I also tested using it for hot tea and simply used an old tennis wristband as a cup sleeve.

Put that in your canning jar and sip it.


  • sean

    love it. So smart and simple.

  • I love it. My Grandmother who canned fruits and vegetables all her life would really like this too.

  • super-cute!

  • Funny, I’m all about adult sippy cups lately, especially at work. I was just thinking that someone needs to invent a good solution for adults so we don’t spill on our electronics while we work. Genius!

  • This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!
    I just bought a 12-pack of mason jars to use as vases for a baby shower and have 6 jars left-over. Gonna need to pick up some Cuppow lids now!!! ;D

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