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Whether China, Italy or Guatemala, most of the shoes I like are made abroad. But because it’s not only my passion but my business to discover independent, Made in the USA brands and then get others to discover them, I’m always on the hunt for cool locally-made shoes… It’s tough. So you can imagine my giddy-delight when I met Marisa Spinella the owner of Penelope and Coco last month. I literally freaked out. These shoes are modern, sleek and sexy…

What I really love about Penelope and Coco is that they’ve taken a few classic shapes and added their own twist. The oxfords come in a beautiful fuchsia leather instead of the usual dark colors and the silver studs added to the heel of their black version is to die for! The prices may be higher then what you’d find at the mall, these shoes are the perfect example of quality over quantity. Well-made with quality materials and care, they won’t just last you for a season or two, these shoes are made to last a lifetime. Hallelujah!


  • lalalizz

    $300 – $500 for a pair of shoes? crazy.

    • Sonja Rasula

      :) I do hear you lalalizz, that’s a big commitment and a lot of money. HOWEVER, the American culture that has been ingrained in society for over 50 years now is to consume, consume, consume – and throw away. Our grandparents bought quality products that were made by hand and with care, and with good materials… In the USA. They bought them to last for life – if the soles wore down, they’d take them in to get new soles. Today, stores want you to buy something and then return every few months to buy new things. For instance, shoes made in China sold at say Urban Outfitters can cost anywhere from $40 – $200, depending on how much mark-up/profit the retailer wants to make. But these shoes are made to fall apart… So you come and buy more. Sorry for the rambling but this is exactly why I’m so passionate about Made in America and can justify paying 3-4 times the amount for a product made abroad. These shoes are made to last a lifetime. They’ve been made with quality leather and materials. They’ve been sewn and put together to last, not fall apart. And they’ve been made by people who earn a fair wage in good work environments — these things are important to me. Instead of buying 4 pairs of shoes, I’ll buy that pair of pink oxfords and wear them until I’m in a rocking chair. Or perhaps pass them down to my grandkids… :)

  • Hilda

    Those fuschia ones are amazing. AMAZING. I wish more shoes were made in the US, and yes, I’m willing to spend at least in the 200-300 range once in a while for shoes. My foot size never changes, so I can keep them forever…

  • Could not agree with you more, Sonja. I used to buy more for less but several years ago I woke up and realized that those shopping habits weren’t doing anyone any good. I’ve learned to buy fewer things that are of better quality and significance and you know what? I’m spending less than I ever did. Though I’m still not buying $500 shoes, I can totally appreciate and understand them when made in the way you describe. People really need to think about price per wear, quality, and longevity. Fast-fashion is just a cheap thrill.

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