The Mountains are Calling…

1. Limited Edition Map: Mt.Mansfield $140 2. First Aid Kit $89 3. Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Cups (Set of Two) $32 4. Hudson Bay Axe 'Hushaby Baby' $250 5. American Felling Axe 'Courage' $250 6. C.C.G.F. Badge Set $12 7. Best Made Axe Box $95 8. Axe Care Kit $95 9. Blank Felling Axe Helve $35 10. Axe Maker's Kit $140

I recently received the Flashman American Felling Axe as a wedding gift from my best friend. I’m not sure whether to hang it on the wall or go chop wood. I suppose that’s part of the beauty of it. It’s exists in limbo between the perfect design object and man’s best wooden and steel friend.

Best Made Company creates heirloom quality axes and wilderness accessories. They are guided by a love of simplicity and respect for these tools that embody both survival and productivity. In honor of these admirable virtues Best Made Co. paints their axes.

“A well made axe — the oldest and most invaluable tool known to mankind — could not only function as a lifeline in the wilderness, but at home it could be a magnificent window into that wilderness and inspire people to reconnect with their hands, craft, and nature.” Peter Buchanon-Smith, owner of Best Made


  • weston

    Those axe’s are sick. I need a hatchet for when I go to the snow, But the wife doesn’t want me to get one.

    • Ahh… but maybe she’ll warm up to the idea when you tell of the glorious fires you’ll make… and the smores and wine you will serve…

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